Wednesday, July 09, 2014

KripHop and GendurrWTF!

There are two additional WorldPride events I would be absolutely nuts not to mention, and which took place the same day as the Dyke March.  These are very special to me because they were a strong and clear signal of the inclusiveness and diversity of Toronto.

Queer Krip Hop - Tangled Arts + Disability Showcase

The first one was the Queer Krip Hop - Tangled Arts + Disability Showcase at the Wellesley Stage.   I wish I knew the name of the first artists you see in the video, but I can't find them anywhere.  I have no idea what their disabilities were, if any.  But what mattered was that they were up there, sharing their beautiful voices and poetry with us.  Intimate, sensual, defying.   Fortunately, I do have the name of the last performers, a Krip Hop (yes, that's the name of the genre) band - the Wheelchair Sports Camp.  They were amazing!  Talk about meeting artists new to you!  One of the musicians had a very strange instrument, with a horn-like quality.  I loved this performance!  And needless to say I was super proud that WorldPride had dedicated a special stage for queer and differently abled people.  That totally rocked!

GendurrWTF - Genderf*ck Pride Show

On top of that, later that night there was a second event, this one related to Trans* Pride: the GendurrWTF - Genderf*ck Pride Show.  Here's what was posted on the party's website, so you can get an idea of what this was all about:

"Are you a boy or a girl?"

And stealing another bit from the website - it just can't be said any better! - this event was about "celebrating the fluidity of gender, smashing the binary, then sweeping up the pieces into a beautiful collage".  And that's what it was, smashing gender neat-boxing and, best of all, pretty much on the street!  Because the North Stage had no private access and everything you see in the video below was visible to anybody walking down Church St.  Granted, it was WorldPride, people expected to see a higher rate of different looks and behaviours.  But this definitely must have gone beyond anybody's expectations!  And it was simply too fun.  (you do you it's incredibly fun to twist and tear and smash the gender binary, do you not?)

As usual, a small warning:  there might be some nudity - all in the name of art and performance - and some adult themes.  If you're not comfortable with either... then what on earth are you doing even glancing at this post?  Out!  Now!

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