Monday, July 07, 2014

Bella! Did ya Eat?

We're sort of saying goodbye to a number of our favourite places in Toronto, and one of them has definitely got to be Free Times Café and, specifically, its Jewish Sunday brunch "Bella! Did ya eat?".  We eat incredibly well (and overly abundantly!), and some items are out of this world - the dates melt in your mouth, the hummus is perfect, there is a chickpea salad to die for with pomegranate, and my husband says the bagels with cream cheese and salmon are an absolute delight.   

But it's not only the food we like at this place, it's the chance to hear some klezmer, of course!  And today it was The Shpeelers.  They're super casual, friendly, and played for us a number of Odessa songs, Hassidic pieces, Horas and other things.   

In case we don't come again in a long time, Pearl and Free Times Café, a sheynem dank un biz shpeter! 

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