Monday, June 16, 2014

sunny day at the Toronto Islands

Sunday was perfect pre-summer weather:  sunny, and a delicious 18 ºC (the Goldilocks temperature? not too hot, not too cold, just perfect).  Me, craving a bit of nature, dragged the huz to the Toronto Islands so he could see a lighthouse he hadn't been to (see this previous post of mine) and so that I could have my walk in the sun surrounded by water and trees, a view of the oldest Toronto landmark and the second oldest lighthouse in Canada, and a walk on the clothing optional beach with the cold water refreshing my feet and recharging myself with the sun's rays.

I have to say, as big and urban as Toronto seems in comparison with other Canadian cities, Torontonians are still blessed.  A meagre 7 dollars gets you to an island park, with wildlife, numerous paths, forest, canals, beaches...  This was one delicious walk, and another thing I'll miss from my big Hogtown (that's a nickname for Toronto, in case you didn't know).  

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