Sunday, June 08, 2014

Spartan Race!

Notes to self for my next *Spartan Race:

- I can't believe how my mountaineering lessons from 20 years ago still help me on narrow ledges and unstable footholds!

- I sure do love crawling and getting deep in mud.

- Ropes are my nemesis, whether for climbing up, climbing down, or pulling objects.  Must start a movement banning ropes.

- Surprisingly, fire jumping is fun.

- Maybe my buddy's being 10+ years my junior had something to do with his far superior performance to mine [or why an age excuse feels better than the being less in shape excuse].

If needing an hour and a half for a 5km race, if scratches and bruises and rope burns bother you, if you can only tolerate a layer of mud over your body and hair at a spa, or if jumping over a fire pit  is not your thing... you might still want to give this a try.  After all, you only live once.

*Spartan Race:  Spartan Race is an obstacle race series that takes place in a number of different countries.  There are different categories, from the Sprint (5+ km and 15+ obstacles) to the Beast (20+ km and 25+ obstacles), which test your stamina, strength, balance, tenacity, team work...  I did the Sprint at Brimacombe, Ontario, Saturday.  Tough.  And fun.  But tough.

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