Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Inside Out

Some people think gay, bi, trans and queer people make too much fuzz about being represented - that now every story, film or series must have an LGBTQ character; that queer people flaunt alternative lifestyles too loudly when they could just behave "normal"; that poor straight people are force fed queerness and "will someone please think about the children!".

Well, you know what?    LGBTQ people have had in the past little to no representation in the media.  Even nowadays, with more and more LGBTQ characters out there, that representation is still minimal and often sanitized so as not to offend wider audiences or, worse, not to "hurt" the fight for rights from "normal looking and behaving" gays and lesbians.  As such, festivals like Inside Out are, simply put, an invaluable, amazing, well deserved smorgasbord for hungry and weary audiences - they allow queer people, of many sorts and colours and beliefs, to represent themselves, to SEE themselves, to be the main story and not an accessory, to reflect about themselves, to laugh about themselves, to be unapologetically AUTHENTIC. 

I consider myself very lucky to have been once more to Toronto's LGBT Film Festival, I'm sad I won't be here for their 25th anniversary, and I can only wish more and more cities would encourage similar celebrations of diversity, visibility and self-representation.  Thank you, Inside Out, and congratulations.

And here are my 8 posts about the 8 screenings I had the joy to watch (click on the title to get to the post):

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