Friday, June 27, 2014

End of the World Trans Pride Party

Continuing with my WorldPride reporting, Wednesday there was this very alternative, very crazy party:  the End of the World Trans Pride Party.  At a club called The Bovine Sex Club.  Which is not a sex club, mind you, but it's not your run of the mill club either, or at least not that night!

Those were some very striking performances I saw: transmen, transwomen, gender bending performers, burlesque, comedic lip synching, goth strip tease (I can't find a better name for it), performances with blood (related to HIV awareness art), performances about gender policing, reading of queer texts...  This was queer, fun, poignant, dark, camp... The crowd was absolutely electrified!  A crowd which, quite unsurprisingly, exhibited a more than fair share of gender non-conforming appearances.

Though this kind of events and parties may not be everybody's cup of tea, that was quite the party to remember and I had a blast.

I'm posting a video below about some of the performances I saw.   It's adult in nature.  It's transgender.  It's transgressive.  And there's some nudity.  And it doesn't give a very clear idea of the performances because the clips are too short.  You've been warned.  If anything of the sort offends you, do NOT click on play.  Oh, and happy (trans)Pride!

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