Saturday, June 28, 2014

chickens, water and pollen at the Toronto Islands

Believe it or not, these days it's not all about WorldPride.  It's also about enjoying this gorgeous - and short - summer!   So Friday we decided to hop on a ferry and have some peace and sun and nature before the more serious Pride partying took hold.

So they're for real?

We started at the Centre Island because we missed the ferry to Ward's Island, our main destination.  Honestly, we usually avoid Centre Island - too crowded, too many buildings, too big roads...   But, in escaping the island, we had to cross some entertainment area and what did they have in the tiny zoo?  This out-of-this-world too-cute-to-be-true silk chickens!   I had seen a pic in the internet, and I had assumed it was a fake pic, but here they were.  So fluffy they're almost blind, silky white chickens with black beaks and legs.  Totally funny and unexpected.

Sitting on a log, on Snake Island

We finally made it out of Centre Island and headed to one of our favourites - Snake Island.  It's small, it's not too popular, and you have beautiful views of the skyline.  We sat on a log by the water, and relaxed.   As simple as that.

Attack of the poplar trees

Friday Toronto received a severe dose of pollen from poplar trees.  I'm not sure where else in the city there are poplars, but the islands sure had a fair share.  And it was one big crazy pollen party over there!  You had pollen in the water.  On the ground.  In your hair.  And in the sky.  And, strangely, this last one made for a very nice video, which I'm posting below.

Not a bad summer day at all.   

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