Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bizarre Ball at Buddies in Bad Times

Continuing with my plans to celebrate WorldPride 2014 Toronto until I drop - given it's my last Pride celebration in the Great White North - I took the huz to this event a friend had recommended as bizarre and fun.  Accurate words!

We found ourselves watching a fun, and very queer, show: Bizarre Ball - Rainbow Warriors. With people in drag, people in sexy outfits, people vogueing (the kind of dance African-Americans invented and Madonna popularized in her Vogue clip) down the runway and people competing in a number of extravagant and fun categories - not your average night at all.

There was a - of course! - Best Dressed competition, with people showing their most photographable and fashionable selves with a dash of canary yellow (essential requisite to compete, LOL).   And butch guys on 5inch+ pumps prancing and doing tricks on the runway (the BQUIP - Butch Queen Up In Pumps - contest).   And gay and transguys working the runway to do a sort of reverse drag: passing off as straight (the Realness competition).  And a number of other ones (like 6 or 7!) we missed because I was frankly exhausted (it had been a normal workday, after all) and I had seen one of my buddy's compete (and rooted for him like there was no tomorrow).   

What is there not to love about a bit of craziness and queerness and ridiculousness in your Pride celebrations, eh?  Keep it comin'!

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