Friday, May 16, 2014

Whitebrow at Cameron House

Sometimes walking into a place and not expecting anything is a good policy.  Out and about a Saturday night and not sure what to do, I remembered we were not too far from The Cameron House, a small bar on 408 Queen St W.   We went in, got a couple of draft stouts (yeah!), and wondered if the group on stage would be any interesting.  Well, they definitely were!  

It just so happened that this was Whitebrow, and the following hour we enjoyed, live, the kind of music we could only have heard in movies before:  southern, folksy, bluesy...  That was good fun! And I loved the singer/violinist Rosalyn Dennett: she had the look, the style, the stage presence.  

They completely changed my opinion on American folk music. Loved it. And love getting my opinions flipped by experiencing something live, like this awesome group.  I must make it my policy to just go and try new places and see who's playing! 

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