Sunday, June 01, 2014


Warning: I might be biased, but... But this screening (my 5th, on a Friday night) was probably the wittiest, deepest, most moving I've watched so far.  Loved it.  There is something to the transgender experience that holds great power to transform, to question, to provoke new situations, to demand honest and at times awkward responses and, when the stars align, to make us laugh.

100 Crushes Chapter 6: They (Canada, 2014)

It's hard for most people to understand the power that pronouns and gendered language hold over us.  A straightforward clay animation about the changes that going from "she/he" to "they" causes.

You're Dead to Me (USA, 2013)

This one brought tears to my eyes.  A story about a mother celebrating the Mexican day of the dead, setting an altar to a daughter she lost, and being visited by a son she never accepted.  The story is very well told, with just the right pace, and is moving without being melodramatic.

Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure (USA, 2013)

One would think that what trans people go through before, during and after transitioning can only be clear to themselves.  But that is not necessarily so.  This hilarious short by a young Female-to-Male transsexual in his search for his next (cisgendered male?) date is pure genius.

Drops (Russia, 2013)

An erotic black and white film set in a lighthouse (or what looks like it), with two beautiful persons teasing each other down the stairs floor after floor.   Just sensual, beautiful people.  

Performing Girl (USA, 2013)

D'Lo is a transguy of Sri Lankan Hindu extraction in Los Angeles.   And this docu-short is full with comedy (he's a born performer), touching moments (her parents love and efforts to understand and accept are beautiful) and serious reflections.  A must.

Resisterectomy (USA/Canada, 2012)

Two tales about surgery and restructuring of bodies, about subjection to the medical establishment, and about the need to defend and maintain your identity against the onslaughts of the mainstream.  

Teagan (Australia, 2013)

You want a happy story about a transition from a man to a woman?  This animation will do.  Because, what's better than representation?  Happy representation!  Yay!

No Guts! (The Netherlands, 2013)

This Dutch short was the last one, and it was one of the best.  About violence suffered by a man who will transition to a woman, about family, about presumed prejudice, and the surprise of acceptance (in the form of a gift).  It's sweet, it's crude, it's real.  Kudos.

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