Wednesday, May 07, 2014

of donuts, dabbas, maple beer and noodles!

You know what I like about Toronto?  All the different food I can get.  Of practically every kind.  From practically every corner of the earth, and of all levels of spiciness, sweetness and "veganness".   But that means I end up posting almost too often, so I'm experimenting this time with just one update per theme (food, art, random stuff?) for each month.

So, here's a bit of what April had to offer food-wise: 

Little Nicky's

I have mentioned Little Micky's before, on Peter St, just south of Queen St W.  Chances are I'll mention it again.  Why?  Because in this kind of still cold weather, their mini donuts are a godsend!  They're made right there, right when you order them, with this super cute machine.  Plus, the whole place has tons of vintage memorabilia.  And let's not forget that the coffee is good, of course.  For winter/spring blues, a fantastic, cozy place.

India Palace

So, it just so happened that we went to watch this Indian film, Dabba (The Lunchbox).  It was quite good, actually.  A simple story, well written, set in Mumbai, with no happy ending concessions.  And with lots of delicious looking food.  Which made hungry and forced us head over to our favourite place in Toronto, India Palace (at 257 Queen St W).  I mean the place not only has a big buffet with tons of veggie options, but even though we arrived at the closing of the buffet, the owner - a fantastic person - extended it for another hour so we could eat to our heart's content from it!   Seriously, who does that anymore?  

Maple Porter

Where else in the world would you find a smokey porter with maple tones that actually tastes really good?   I keep finding delicious dark brews in this city, and this was no miss at all.  Gotta have another one one day before we leave the Great White North!


Last, but not least, Ematei, our favourite Japanese restaurant, on 30 Patrick St.  Most patrons are Japanese.  Most of the staff seems Japanese.  It's a fabulous place for super tasty, heart-warming noodles and plenty of other stuff.  In true Japanese style the food looks pretty.  And us vegans have nice options, like the tempura udon you see here.   Slurp!

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