Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gay Shorts: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

So, what did my third screening have in store?   A bunch of stories about loss.  Though the program announced it as more of a seeking of human connections and missing what's already there, I think the theme really was as pure as loss...

The Light (Ljósið; USA, 2013)

Music by Sigur Rós (specifically Varúð, from the Valtari album) and two dancers approaching, intertwining, separating... Short, no words, and just the lingering thought of parting and, maybe, death.  

Stay (USA, 2013)

Never trust someone who asks you how far you'd go for them, and who asks you for proof.   Blind love, passion and a gun - a recipe for an unhappy ending.

Reveille (Canada, 2013)

I liked this short film, about dreaming of a partner lost in war, about that state where you're half asleep and part of you knows what's lost and part of you reminisces about days past.  Sweet, simple, touching.

Human Warmth (Chaleur Humaine; Belgium, 2013)

Guess what, this one also had music by Sigur Rós, also from their Valtari album.  I guess that speaks well to the power of their music to transport and transform.  Some images are beautiful, the contrast of the bodies of the protagonists and the background of the forest (as well as the music) adds poetry to what would simple be a break up.

Nomansland (Denmark, 2013)

Finally, this Danish film is a good mix of loss, death, sex, rejection, and the earthshaking consequences of a positive HIV diagnosis.  Well chosen to be the last short in the screening.   And serves as a reminder that even the more open minded societies are still composed of people who, individually, may themselves be intolerant and unaccepting.  

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