Thursday, May 08, 2014

April's random Toronto

In keeping with this experiment of a single monthly review of things instead of a barrage of single posts, here are some random images from our wanderings around Hogtown (that is, Toronto for those unfamiliar with thye city's nicknames) this April.  

Fight the stigma

First, this poster in the subway.  In a very Canadian fashion, it's a campaign against not STI's, but against the stigma people attach to them.  I adore a city that can begin thinking about sexually transmitted infections as simply that, infections.  Which means people should stop stigmatizing others because of them, and therefore stop inflicting suffering and shame where there should be none.  Kudos Toronto.

Is that a car flying out a building?

Then we have this symbol-crowded photo of the CN Tower, a Toronto streetcar, and Toronto's CP24 news company with it's characteristic car smashing out of a building on Queen St W.  I just thought it was a fun image, and I'm sure there will be a day when I'll look at it and sigh, missing Toronto.


While waiting for a documentary at the HotDocs festival, we saw these people cleaning outside the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).  I liked the lights reflected on the wet pavement, and the overall ambiance created by the fog and the mist from the hoses.

Graffiti, always graffiti

Naturally, a wall of white boards was too much of a temptation for some graffiti artist, right?  Plus, I must say, since my first incursion into hip hop at a party, now these messages seem sort of salient!

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