Monday, April 28, 2014

Khalsa Day

Yesterday I found out by chance that a very important Sikh festival, Khalsa Day, was taking place today.  And it just so happened that a subway stop on my way home from a documentary was just next to the Toronto City Hall, where the festivities would end at just about the same time I was going to be passing by!   So I had to stop and take a peek, right?

Though I was quite aware of the presence of Sikhs in Toronto, the sea of colourful turbans and shawls I found when I arrived was simply amazing - the whole square was full to the brim with Sikhs!  Like, absolutely and totally full!  And while admiring this unique event I remembered how, despite knowing precious little about Sikhism, Sikhs do have a warm place in my heart as the place I enjoyed most and felt most welcome at in India was, in fact, Amritsar, the city where they have one of their holiest sites (if not their holiest) - Harmandir Sahib, "the Golden Temple".  

At City Hall I saw people getting food for free, as is the tradition in any Sikh Gurudwara or temple, and I heard one of the speakers remind people to continue upholding values like social equality, community, and service, among others.   You've got to feel good being surrounded by thousands of people sharing food and espousing social values, right?

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