Monday, April 21, 2014

An atheist's Holy Saturday

By now some of you might thing it's a bit obsessive of me this sort of semi-documenting of a religious holiday with a) no religious element at all and b) no profound content whatsoever.  And you'd be right.  But since my time left in this city is finite, and since I know I would have loved loved loved to have a camera handy for shooting simple daily stuff when I lived in Beirut and Beijing, I'm not letting these opportunities slip by - this is a diary, and diaries from ordinary people are quite often filled with ordinary stuff that, years after, reveal their significance as a memory of a past that can't be recreated.

So, back to my own version of Holy Saturday, we started the day (somewhat late) at one of our favourite places - What a Bagel.  What you see below may strike you as rather simple fare, but it had all I needed: pickles, olives, a good bagel, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers...  Good quality basic nom noms.

Thus charged, we headed to a Francis Bacon - Henry Moore exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario (the AGO).  We've seen plenty of Henry Moore in Toronto, but I had seen little (if anything) of Francis Bacon, and that's one artist that requires time to absorb...  His paintings were intense, tortured...  Francis Bacon said "You can't be more horrific than life itself", and his art reflects than worldview.   And my partner had a very interesting observation - that Bacon's art is a sort of Butoh, more specifically Hijikata's Butoh, in painting.   I definitely need more Bacon time to fully appreciate his twisted, dark art.

And what did we find at the AGO?  An old friend of ours!  The piETa, a piece we saw first at Toronto's Nuit Blanche 2010 and which, most appropriately, appeared again for Easter at the gallery.  I love the piece, and I think trying to elaborate on it is pointless.

After all that walking, we were ready for a recharge (meaning coffee!).  We headed to our local basement espresso bar - Dark Horse, for some espresso, muffins, sun through the window, and people watching from a basement angle.  I like this place, so this was both a caffeine recharge and an emotional recharge as well.

Last stop (it seems most of my life revolves around food, and that's partly true, but not fully) was dinner with friends.  Since everybody quite unceremoniously dumped on me the responsibility of choosing a place, I opted for what seemed to me perfect comfort food for a very cold spring: northern Chinese food at Noodle Face!  Made better by kitschy communist images, of course!  Luckily, my rather impulsive and little-thought idea worked out well, at least for me, as my "sweaty cold noodles" were perfect - a bit spicy, hearty, with plenty of Asian sour veggies...  yum!  That and good friends, followed by some bubble tea, was a great end to the day.

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