Sunday, April 20, 2014

An atheist's Good Friday

How this non-believer spent the Christian holiday of Good Friday:

1.  Watched a documentary about an intriguing and unique photographer:  Vivian Maier.  Left me feeling like a worthless, banal, completely ordinary photographer, and filled my mind with images of people, shapes and places.  Loved it. 

2.  Headed to the west side of the city in what I felt was quite romantic light rain for creative vegan fare at Cardinal Rule, including a "Black Velvet" (cider layered with Guinness) and a vegan pulled pork sandwich.  Quirky place, quirky people, quirky food.  My kind of place.

3.  Being it Good Friday, we snatched a typical Polish bread for this time of year, on Roncesvalles.  Whatever it was, the poppy seeds and alcohol infused bread combo was so good!  

4.  Finally, the best way to finish a day:  partying with the most mixed, queerest crowd in Toronto at Yes Yes Y'all.   The place was brimming with people from all racial backgrounds, gender presentations, body shapes, fashions...  If you want an accepting event with friendly people, this one is hard to top.   Definitely the cherry on top a very good, artistic, yummy, romantic, fun, secular Friday.

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