Tuesday, April 01, 2014

a Metro ride

Monday I spent quite a bit travelling in Mexico City's Metro, a system that consists of some 12 lines, 195 stations, and 226km, and that serves about 4.4 million passengers daily.  

I used three lines and, by chance, one of them was the newest one.  And what did I find there?  First of all, a public opera concert!  And afterwards?  Roomy, modern, open carriages very much like those in Toronto!  Super cool!  Ah, and you mustn't forget the icons.  The stations of Mexico City's Metro are identified not just by name, but by icon/picture (I personally loved the skull representing Tezonco station, which lies near a cemetery).  

Finally, it was nice to see a wide campaign for women's rights, gender equality, and offering diverse assistance services (legal, medical, psychological, etc.).

It's not what you might hear every day, but I really liked my ride in the Metro, and it made me like Mexico City more.

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