Monday, March 31, 2014

the Ashes of the Master

I've seen butōka Gustavo Thomas perform by fjords, old churches and flowery meadows; I've seen him perform inspired by Scandinavian folklore, Oscar Wilde and the Lebanese civil war. Yet yesterday night's Butoh performance of "Las Cenizas del Maestro" (the Ashes of the Master) was unlike anything else I had seen him do.  His movements, his voice, his inspiration, the intimacy... Working along with a video artist, a clarinet player and a viola player - all of whom transported us with their überpersonal and subtle interpretations - he gave us access to an emotional performance about those whose ashes envelop our past and texture our steps...      

PS.  I rewatched the performance again tonight (30/03/2014).  And I'm darn lucky I did.  I perceived more, I felt more and, since it is an improvisation, I actually saw more. Acknowledging my status of complete ignoramus in art matters, I nevertheless want to say that this was one beautiful, deep, moving performance for me.

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