Wednesday, February 12, 2014

gelid, welcoming, colourful New Scotland - VI


Our very last day in Nova Scotia it was not just sunny, but even warm!  Well, I mean, it was 2 ºC which, against the previous days' windchill of -18 ºC to -28 ºC, felt decidedly spring-like, if not summer-like.

So, with all the time in the world before our flight, we decided to finally take the Lighthouse Trail back from Lunenburg to Halifax.  The Lighthouse Trail is just a series of roads that extend east to west and that take you past a number of historic lighthouses.  On that specific stretch we were taking there were none, but I just wanted a relaxed, easy ride by the sea and past little towns instead of the monotony of the highway.

It was relaxed, indeed.  Not overly pretty, but still quaint.  Until we took a turn south down the Aspotogan Peninsula and we reached this really pretty spot, Northwest Cove.   How simple a list of things you need for a picturesque setting!  Some coloured houses, a boat, a frozen cove, some sun, and voilà!  The perfect good-bye to our Nova Scotia winter experience!

So, against all odds, and even though we obviously didn't see the province in its glorious fiery red autumn glory, this was one amazing trip in a beautiful province with some of the most famous spots in Canada.  Super fine, eh?

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