Wednesday, February 05, 2014

gelid, welcoming, colourful New Scotland - V


My original plan was to drive along the Lighthouse Trail from Peggys Cove to Lunenburg, enjoy the seaside road, and stop in the town of Mahone Bay.  The blizzard we faced the day we were planning to do that changed our plans and we were lucky to make it to Lunenburg via the Trans-Canada Highway.

BUT, once in Lunenburg, and with gorgeous sunny (but still crazy cold) weather our second day there, I decided to make the short drive to Mahone Bay, just 15 minutes away.  And why did I insist on going there?  Well, Mahone Bay is nowhere as picturesque as Lunenburg, nor is it a UNESCO site like Lunenburg is, but it's got a postcard-perfect view from the bay of its row of  three churches.   As simple as that.  Small, pretty town, with three cute churches by the water.

Yes, most probably it would be a lot prettier with an unfrozen bay and the churches reflecting on the water, right?  But still, totally worth a visit.  And up close the churches were really pretty too.

And, besides the view, the good thing about the town not being a protected site was that there was a supermarket where we could stuck up on a few goodies to eat back in Lunenburg and for our drive back next day, via the Lighthouse Trail (finally!) to Halifax for our flight home.  But not without first going to the other side of the bay for one last look at (frozen) Mahone Bay:

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