Sunday, January 26, 2014

Performing Taiwan

Who would have thought, FOUR days of performances by Taiwanese artists, all free!   We found out just by chance about this, and yesterday night we went to see two performances at the Enwave Theatre.  

The first one was The Little Child (by Short One Player Theatre), a puppet show slightly in the fashion of Bunraku Theatre, where the puppeteers are visible but dressed in black against a black background, and where each puppet is handled by two or more puppeteers.  Nicely done, and presenting a dream, and maybe a dream within a dream, and with the added touch of the puppeteers becoming characters in specific moments, which is an interesting twist.   Loved it.

The second performance was Lament of the Exile.  What can I say.  The dancers were really good, especially the two main ones.   But this felt really outdated, not contemporary dance at all but merely modern dance.  It's 2014.  Can't the company move to the postmodern?  Then again, I did read this performance was "enthralling" and "acclaimed for his originality", so don't trust me.

In any case, the event ends TODAY, so you can still catch the last performances of Performing Taiwan!  (and did I mention you get tea bags, pins and postcard-style photos of performances for free too and that you can actually talk to the very pleasant artists after the show???)

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