Sunday, December 22, 2013

6 steps to overcoming a cold rainy dark winter solstice

We went from a freezing but beautifully snowy winter weather to a horrible cold, foggy, wet, rainy weather.  Fortunately, we managed to turn what could have otherwise been a very meh Saturday and winter solstice into a very enjoyable one with these 6 steps:

1.  Persian brunch!  At Tavoos.  No better way to start the day than with chai, warm bread, jams, baklava, and good friends (a very important ingredient, needless to say).

2. Embracing the rain and the ambiance it creates.  That is, you tell rain to go f*ck itself and you still go for a walk and appreciate this side of the city.

3.  Coffee break at Café Diplomatico.  Specifically with an espresso corretto (an espresso with a bit of alcohol, sambuca in this case) at a place that's been serving Toronto for 45 years, where Sophia Loren visited, and where scenes of Atom Egoyan's Chloé were filmed. 

4.  You stop to admire the contrast between purple cabbage-like plants and the snow.

5.  A casual browsing and cosy Balfour Books.  

6.  Last stop: warming up again with an espresso macchiato with almond milk at Voodoo Child, which excels at little details like matching cups and sugar bowls, while watching life and streetcars go by... 

Happy winter solstice!

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