Friday, November 01, 2013

Fall foliage at High Park

This last weekend we headed to a favourite of ours: High Park.  Foliage turning to beautiful fall colours is no exact science, with temperature, wind, sun and who knows what else interacting in a myriad of ways, so you never know when exactly it will start, how long it will last, which trees will be affected first or last, and what colours they'll show.  But this year the weather patterns were rather unusual, and we went from not having the proper weather for the change to suddenly facing weather that could quickly bring down the leaves that could change!  So this was kind of like a "now or never" dash to High Park.  And it was amazing.  

To begin with, the shore of the park's lake had numerous trees that were all shades:  red, orange, yellow, brown...  It's strange, I have been a number of times to the park in the fall, but it was my first time seeing the shore like this!  Had it been sunny (we had very very brief bouts of sunshine) I'm sure it would have been one stunning, vibrant scene.  But it was a very pretty sight nevertheless, with the cloudy sky and subdued colours:

Lucky for me, my husband wanted to take a path we had done only once before in winter.  I loved it!  We came across many trees with amazing leaf colours!  We even saw a few whose leaves just changed partially, each individual leaf a mixture of red and gren/yellow splotches: that gave the whole foliage quite an interesting effect, as if someone had taken a brush with red paint and had splashed the leaves with it!

But there was this one tree that was the jewel in my walk.   It was tall, majestic, with orange and red hues, and it was surrounded by other trees in a similar state.  And I guess that the sun shining briefly when we were there also contributed to the WOW effect...

I'll finish this post with this image of a small pond.  This was at the very beginning of our walk, actually.  And the timing was perfect.

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