Friday, October 25, 2013

40 à Montréal - revisité

Since I wrote 5 posts about me turning 40 in Montreal, I thought it'd be nice to have them all together in a single place.  Plus (or maybe "more importantly"?) this here would coincidentally be my 888th post which, in Chinese culture, would be considered an extremely auspicious number.  Conversely, a 40th birthday would be considered not auspicious, since it has a 4 in it, which sounds similar to "death" in Chinese.   So what better than to have the 888th post be about my (effing amazing and happy) 40th birthday in Montreal, hey?

All in all I have very few words about these 40 years of life except what I had told some friends already:  these were, frankly, awesome 40 years, with their fair share of nasty surprises (life's life, right?), but with even more super good ones (and good memories beat bad memories in my world, so there!).  Looking forward to the next 40!

Here they are, for my pleasure, or for good luck, or for everybody's ease of use, or whatever.  All 5 posts.  If you click on the title above the image a new page/tab with the corresponding post will open (ooh, nifty! NOT):

(40 in Montreal - redux)

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