Wednesday, October 23, 2013

40 à Montréal - les couleurs

Finally, my last post about my 40th birthday in Montreal.  By now you must be sort of fed up, with me publishing daily, but I didn't want this to suffer the same fate as my trip to Lebanon (the one that took place in AUGUST and about which I've published near ZILCH).  So, part 5 and last... (warning: many photos ahead, as in MANY)


One of the other aims of the trip (besides enjoying bagels and partying) was to be surrounded by the colours of Autumn.  I mean, this is one of my favourite things about living in these latitudes, and I had big expectations for Montreal!   Expectations which were briefly but quickly dashed after we went for a walk to one of Montreal's landmarks, Mont Royal, since most of the trees were green, some were yellow-ish, and just a very few were red-ish.   Now, we were only seeing one side of the huge park, but it just didn't look promising, and I reluctantly accepted that maybe I'd have to forget about the idea of being surrounded by fall foliage.  Darn.

Even these two photos below, taken near Mont Royal, were the exception rather than the rule.  Beautiful, for sure, especially being able to see the moon with red leaves as frame.  But I'd be lying through my teeth if I were to say I wasn't somewhat disappointed at the quantity (not the quality, obviously).

But that was our very first day.  The next one we went to the Jardin Botanique, and then things started looking better!   Not only did we see tons of gorgeous flowers and cacti (hey, I like cacti, they're otherworldly, interesting, and beautiful in their own way), but when we left the greenhouse and into the open park I finally got a nice dose of the beautiful reds, oranges, crimsons and yellows I was looking for!   Though they didn't dominate the landscape either, it was a fantastic sunny day, the paths took us to some peaceful ponds, and all in all the place was just so relaxing that the fall colours we did see seemed even nicer.

And it got even better, and our next to last day was the most amazing of all.  We went for a walk to Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal).  We were NOT looking for more Autumn colours, we just wanted a walk around the old town.  The weather was cloudy, with the occasional ray of sun.  But as soon as we got to the legislative palace we were greeted by a line of trees with bright orange streaks, which somehow seemed louder under the grayish skies.

If that had been it, I would have considered myself more than well served.  But then we headed to the Old Port (Vieux-Port).  Just for a walk by the water.   Just because it was there and neither my husband nor me had visited before.  And that's when we saw this GORGEOUS park, where practically ALL the trees had turned shades of red and orange!  That was one big, unexpected, amazing surprise.  And the place was so calm and quiet (I think people were still having lunch or something), we had it almost all for ourselves!   You may actually recognize it from the photo where my husband is doing Butoh in this previous post.  That's how beautiful it was: it was Butoh-inspiring.  I mean, the sky, the water, the odd ray of sunlight, the old building of the old port, the bright leaves, the cool soil...  Loved it.

The very last day we still came across some small parks with more incredible red leaves, but I think I may have overdone it with the photos already, so I won't post them here.   This was one of the most memorable things of Montreal, and one that made me incredibly happy to have chosen that city for my 40th.

That trip was, all in all, the best way to begin my 41st year of life.  Including having my husband next to me, doing his utmost to satisfy my every whim and put up with my every crazy idea (believe me, it's very exhausting being with me!).  A very happy trip.

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