Saturday, July 30, 2011


It had been a while since I took a picture of the lake, and I really liked today's steely look.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tirgan Persian Festival - Tea House

They have a tea-house where they serve delicious Faoludeh (فالوده)! If there was one reason to come to the festival, that suffices for me.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Why I like you*

I like you because the very first thing we did was talk and talk and talk, and all the crazy talk made sense.

I like you because I drove you crazy, I drove you nuts, I drove you up the wall and, when you came down from the wall, everything was forgotten and forgiven.

I like you because, when I said "I'm going to the land of cedars, will you come with me?", you excitedly said "I will!" 

I like you because through the torrid heat, the bombs, the tears, the loneliness and, quite frankly the madness, you stood firm and committed, even when I myself wavered.

I like you when you say "bonjourak", "habibi", and "ma behki arabi", and smile.  I also like you a lot when you feast on mezze, when you relax while smoking your nargileh and have a cup of "ahwe turki", and even when you shed a tear with Feirouz's "Li Beirut".

I like you because, when I'd see just buildings and pieces of art, you help me see architects, eras, ideas.  I like that I can learn from you. 

I like you because you let me dream of adventures, and I like you because you follow me in my adventures, even when my planning was too fantastic and too impractical and you have to drag your luggage through jungle and dirt roads. 

I like you when you learn all those amazing things like Taichi, which I never liked, but I really liked how much you were learning and doing.

I like you because I can love, and be loved, and be hurt, and you'll be there, maybe annoyed, but never too long, and always ready to comfort me with cuddles, and food, and movies, and whatever I like.

I like you when I see you meditate at a zen garden.   And I like that you can forget about me, and enjoy your meditating.  I like you because I can feel free because you do what you need.  And because it looks so cool in a zen garden! 

I like you when you eat "jiaozi".  You look so happy.  And when you're happy, you shine, and I like that a lot.

I like you when I come up with a new idea, sometimes a whole change in my life, and you let me be.  I like that you're honest, because often you look at me in disbelief, or even fear, but you always support me and walk with me no matter what.  That makes me super like you.   

Did I say I like you because you're so handsome, and strong, and sexy?  I especially like you when I unexpectedly see you and, before I recognise you, the first thing I think is "that's a hot guy".  

I like you because you have the most beautiful eyes. I liked you even more when I realised they were two-coloured!

I like you when you discover new ways to express your artistic you.  I like you a lot when you write, but I like you a lot when you discover you write, you paint, you dance...  Then I like you aplenty!

When you get mad at me, I really dislike you.  But even when I dislike you the most, I still like you, because you're honest, and loving, and understanding.  Very understanding.

I like you when you say you like what I write.  You write a lot.  You read even more.  So I really like it when you read what I write and when you like it I like you so much more!

I like you because you make me proud when I show to the world who you are and what you do.

I like you when I see that I have so many reasons to like you, and so many moments when I like you, that I could write on and on and on and on.

I like you because, after ten years of my keeping your life in chaos, of enduring my obfuscating stubbornness, of suddenly finding yourself in the midst of my activist fits, of sometimes loosing me to my need for space to heal from sadness, of receiving oft ill-planned surprises, you still want to walk with me, free, without demanding anything but honesty.  

I like you, because I know you don't mind I've written this in English so I could share with everyone what an amazing man you are to me.

I like you, and I really like my last 10 years with you, and I'm already liking my next 2, 3, 20, 50 or 120 years with you.   Happy anniversary!

2002 - Mexico City, Mexico

 2003 - Beirut, Lebanon

 2004 - Santorini, Greece

2005 - Shanghai, China

2006 - Kyoto, Japan

2007 - Beijing, China

2008 - Pingyao, China

2009 - Uluwatu, Indonesia

2010 - Reykjavik, Iceland

2011 - Toronto, Canada

*The idea for this text came from a very moving wedding ceremony from two close friends.  You know who you are.  Thanks a lot!  I really like you too, by the way.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nortec @ Harbourfront

As part of the Corazón de México festival, Nortec, a surprisingly good fusion of techno and "norteño" music.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Sunday. 40min past midnight. Church St.

Happy Pride!

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Toronto's Pride Parade

Pride celebrations: never a luxury, but a necessity until discrimination, intolerance and queerphobia are rare exceptions.

Toronto's Pride: this city's biggest celebration. No question!

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

DYKE MARCH (Toronto Pride 2011)

Big, strong, vocal contingent. Couldn't have expected less from the Dyke March!

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Pride Toronto 2011's TRANS MARCH

Because respect, inclusion, rights, and the opportunity to live life fully and happily is for everyone, and not just for the media-approved, viewer-friendly, standard-beautiful stereotypes. This march is to celebrate, to remind, and to demand. A very moving and needed march indeed.

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Macchiato @ Aroma

I'm quite liking this Aroma coffee place. Friendly service, nice coffee (not unbelievably awesome, granted, but good). And even the Canadian flag on their chocolates for Canada Day!

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