Monday, January 17, 2011

a bit of snow, a bit of culture, and a bit of kink; happy 2011!

About a week ago we had snow, a good, nice, thick snowfall.   This is our second winter here, and the last one we had no snowfalls like this one, so we were pretty excited!   and, on top of that, the week-end right after the snowfall there was some sun!  I was sure this opportunity was not to be missed, and I dragged my better half to High Park.   By now, you should know we really like the park, since I've published already 3 posts on the place:  autumn, an autumn walk in high park, and red leaves, zombies and fetish: all in an October's to-do list.  And I was simply really curious to see it under a new light.

One of the best things about places like Toronto is that you have the opportunity of experiencing very defined, different seasons.  Local people may complain about the cold or the snow, since they must contend with them year after year after year after year but, as temporary residents, we have the chance of looking at places and things with plenty of wonder and with a good deal of patience if need be. Besides, I was killing to put my winter boots to fair use!   And I can tell you, my  almost knee-high, water and -40C resistant boots passed the test with flying colours:  there are few pleasures like stomping your way through snow, slush, puddles and whatever with absolutely no care!  loved it!

But, besides the fun of showing off your winter gear, the park is really, really nice this winter.   There's a very decent layer of snow everywhere, and the scene in general was soft and relaxing, with a nice golden light from the sun, a gorgeous blue sky, the golden-brown of some leaves and reeds, and the odd dash of colour from some strange red pine-shaped flowers and ducks with green, purple and blue reflections on their black necks.

And, of course, we were not the only ones enjoying the place:  there were children (and some adults) tobogganing on the hills, people doing cross-country skiing (yes!), people skating on the now frozen pond, and even some guys playing hockey on another part of the pond!   And somehow, walking on a part of the park you know will turn to fluid water once winter is over feels pretty neat. 

So, this year is off to a nice start, full of nature and culture, as a few days before going to High Park we visited the Art Gallery of Ontario, where we saw a brilliant exhibition of works by Henry Moore:

Hmm... although, come to think of it... TECHNICALLY, the year was off to a very kinky start, as we celebrated the end of old 2010 and the beginning of 2011 at a Fetish party with a group of really sweet, fun friends of many genders and persuassions.   I'm telling you, I'm starting to believe kink permeates the Torontonian psyche about as much as winter sports!  LOL    So, here's a belated toast to a kinky, cultivated, loving, nature- and trip-friendly 2011!

St. James' Cathedral & St. Michael's Church

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Monday, January 10, 2011

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

more beer exploring!

This time, Belgium's Gulden Draak (@ Smokeless Joe's, of course). One fine, rich, dark, "winey", beer.

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Monday, January 03, 2011


have a look at a wholly different world, India and its Maharajas, hear some Indian classical music; see one of Henry Moore's biggest collections; and stroll at promenades and staircases by Gehry.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

vegetarian fettuccine @ St Tropez

they'll make any of their pastas vegetarian/vegan, and this one was REAL REAL good

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