Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silver white on blue-gray

The sun creates 3-4 bright silvery white slender spots on the lake

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waterfront with snow, ice, sun and at a windchill of -20C

Some experiences are all about images.  After many days of snowing, the sun was shining at its maximum, the skies were completely clear, the temperature was a chilly -12 (which felt like -20 when you included the windchill), and we went for a walk around the waterfront close to our place.  

The photos speak by themselves:

Each city we've lived in has taught us a number of new things.  For one, this mix of urbanity, nature, freezing weather, sun and snow is one I really appreciate.

frozen inner bay

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Our new year celebrations were... well, not quite what I expected. And that was good.

I had planned the whole thing. First, dinner at the Gladstone Hotel, an interesting renovated hotel with rooms designed by local artists and smack in the middle of an art scene. And I must say, the food was quite good, including a very tasty fried tofu, aubergine, fresh tomato and green salsa dish I had.

Afterwards, at the same hotel, we were going to see a burlesque and show that would extend until midnight:  Skin Tight Outta Sight.   I had read very good reviews, it seemed fun.  And it wasn't too bad, but all we were seeing was somewhat amateurish, funny yet not so entertaining, burlesque-style strip-tease, and that was not quite what we had in mind.

So, we opted for "Plan B".  We left the show, headed back home, and celebrated like we've done so many times being in a foreign land:  together, remembering good things past, planning and dreaming about the coming year, listening to our favourite music, and opening a bottle of champagne at midnight (while the CN Tower lit up).   And that was good.

And so 2009 ended, having given us two dreams that finally came true (going to Tibet and Bali), a change that we much desired (a move to a new country) but with an unexpected and ultimately extremely positive twist (it was to Toronto), many new friends and a closer relationship to old ones, and many lessons about how you may achieve your goals if you try hard, and also plenty of lessons on how you might not achieve your goals even if you try hard, because life is  chock-full of surprises and random things, and you might as well make the best of it and enjoy the ride.   It was definitely an excellent year, I'll say, and it includes the promise of many exciting things (expected AND unexpected) to come too!

Happy new year and happy new decade!

the year's first snowfall

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