Monday, January 15, 2007

The Place's ginormous screen

Because this is exactly what we needed at this mall (The Place, 世贸天阶): a 250 metre long and 30 metre wide screen with images of birds, clouds, forest and what not. Not sure what they'll end up using it for, but it is sort of neat. I can't imagine how expensive it must have been!

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's dinner and a "New Year promenade"

So, how did we celebrate New Year's Eve? With a SCRUMPTIOUS vegan banquet (yes, no animals or their secretions), prepared by our favourite vegan restaurant, "Pure Lotus" (I wanted to type the name in Chinese, but the characters aren't coming out right...). Now, let me tell you something, at Pure Lotus the dishes usually are presented in a very aesthetic way, but at home we realised that we were totally unprepared, and we had to use all we had at hand! lol. So, it may not look THAT tasty, but believe me, IT WAS.

(I've done my best to translate the names, which were way more poetic, though less informative, in Chinese!)

Sour and spicy fish soup Miao style
Bhutan style potatoes
Ginger mushrooms Yao style
Kumquat Tofu
Organic vegetable dumplings
Pinenut fried brown rice
Sweet Pumpkin soup and kumquats for desert!
And for the toast at midnight, icewine!

After that (and a night out at our usual jaunt), and since it snowed for two days in a row and it was nice and sunny, we decided to go for a "new year's promenade" today (Monday 1st) to the Forbidden City and Jingshan park. I had been to Jingshan park a few times before, but this was the first time I went with Gustavo (now wait a sec, I know we've been here for a year and a half, but the place was under renovation before, ok?). I have to tell you, from the top of the park you have what's probably the nicest view of the city, and it's really worth it in winter: snowy rooftops, the warm golden sunshine, the cool air (come on, -3 Celsius is not THAT cold)... We had a really nice day out there, cool way to begin 2007!