Friday, December 05, 2003

Cyprus – Pedoulas

Being in Beirut has meant shifting our whole perspective on what places of the world we can explore. I mean, we're in the Middle East! by the Mediterranean! And if you have a week to go travelling end of November, where could you go? Well, a place some 40 minutes away by plane that you never dreamt of going to – Cyprus! 

I mean, isn't it amazing? All of a sudden, there are all these new destinations we never ever thought of! So, off we went to Cyprus for a week, totally amused by the stewardess offering us a refreshment and immediately running back to the front of the plane to start picking up the garbage – the flight's too short to lose any time, right? Hahaha!

Anyhow, this is a multiple part post, because Cyprus is a place that really deserves being seen, and talked about, at a leisurely place. We landed at Limassol, picked up our car, prepared mentally for my first time ever driving on the other side of the road, and headed to our first destination – Pedoulas (Πεδουλάς), in the Marathasa Valley (Κοιλάδα Μαραθάσας), up by the Troodos Mountains (Τρόοδος).

Now, why Pedoulas? Well, why not? Charming village in the mountains, with ancient churches, and a good base to explore the nearby mountains? Yes please!

We spent couple of nights here, just enjoying the calm, the views, the churches... albeit most of them from the outside, because to get in you had to locate the key-holder! And since in most cases the holders of the keys were old women who were incredibly hard to find... 

Fortunately, we did succeed in locating one (for the Archangelos Michael church), and had a glimpse of the inside of one of these intriguing Orthodox jewels. A glimpse which I cannot share because, you know, bad camera and bad light?

Frigging adorable place. The kind of village you'd just stay at and relax and do nothing. But we had a country to explore...

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