Friday, January 19, 2018

first Guangzhou impressions – III

Ok, here's the last part of impressions from our first week by the Pearl River Delta! Including...

More views of malls, trees lit pink, a massive Apple Store, and Tesla. 

Subway ads promoting both "the core values of socialism" and McDonald's breakfasts that include many kinds of congee!

Views from apartments that we can't rent because... well, it's complicated, but it involves mismanagement, a bit of xenophobia, and mould...

More delicious food, like this Hakka style lunch at Hakkayu! Hakka Tofu (客家豆腐), Huai Mountain greens (淮山炒水东芥), and fish mouths (想亲鱼嘴)?

Tons of views around Huacheng Square, including the Opera House, Canton Tower, the library... 

And last, but not least, a taste of Lanzhou halal noodles!

There. Hopefully, in future, my posts will have a bit more of structure. But this first week there was just this – experience after experience!