Friday, March 23, 2018

from Japan to Argentina to Ireland on a Saturday

So, my previous post was about a Friday in Guangzhou, right? Well, Saturday was about as good! We started the day with brunch at what we thought was going to be home-style Chinese food, but which turned out to be home-style Japanese! Blame the app I used to find it, which only mentioned it was home-style. I guess they only apply the Japanese label if there's going to be sushi and the like? Anyhow, this was a fantastic surprise and I loved the place, called Retro Deli – completely unassuming, with a medium sized menu of simple but properly made items, like ochazuke! 

Ochazuke is, basically, leftover rice, various toppings (often nori, or seaweed), and hot tea that you yourself pour over it. The umeboshi (preserved Japanese apricot), the tea and (in my habib's case) salmon were all absolutely delicious! Oh, and we also ordered some cool fresh tofu. Also, very simple, but with just the ideal few ingredients to make it perfect.

After brunch, what follows? Well, coffee, of course! For that we headed nearby to Grainy Bakery&Café (I mentioned it in a previous post), where we had not only our usual latte with their amazing strong coffee, but also a light and airy and unusual green tea cheesecake. I'd definitely order that again.

Now, what else is there to do besides, you know, eating and drinking? Although, to be honest, eating and drinking is such an important deal when getting to know a place, but back to the question – what else? Well, if you are queer and want to learn tango, you go to the Saturday LGBTQ tango lessons! I'd love to show you the photos of the couples dancing, but privacy, right? So here's just a pic of a short clip we were shown at the beginning of two men doing some tango. 

Now, there was another gay party going on like the one we had gone to the night before. But we don't usually like to do two similar things in a row, so we opted out and headed to celebrate St. Paddy's (Saint Patrick's Day) instead! With such an enormous diaspora and Irish descendants all over the English speaking world and beyond, the Irish bars of Guangzhou were full to the brim with people celebrating! 

We began with some Guinness (well of course!) at Hooley's, where there was a band and, as we found out, the hunkiest of Irish pool-players! 

We would have had dinner there, had it not been absolutely jam-packed with barely enough place to stand! So we headed to another Irish bar – Morgan's. At this time of night, the place was rather quiet. But they had one very valuable thing besides Guinness on tap... Irish stew! Cooked just for this one night, this is probably one of the best dishes we've had in Guangzhou! As unappetizing as the photo may make it look, the sauce, potatoes and lamb were unbelievable! 

We should've stopped the eating there, but when Guinness flows, decisions are poor, and we finished with a portion of bread pudding as well. And it wasn't a poor decision because it wasn't good – it was! – but this was really an act of gluttony. But hell, St. Paddy's just once a year, right? And so many of our friends are Irish or have Irish roots! (not me, though, despite my hodge-podge ancestry, no Irish or Celts there) 

So that's it, a Saturday in Guangzhou for you.